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Online Professional Medical Interpreter Training

Certificate Programs and Courses

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We are a team of healthcare professionals who prepare professional medical interpreters for the clinical setting - hospitals and clinics, where your knowledge of medical terminology and professional interpreting skills are critical.

We teach three categories of professional online training programs to ensure that our students are comfortably placed in an appropriate e-learning environment with regard to their skills and experience.

Our regular Professional Medical Interpreter Training Program, our Fast Track Program for Bilingual Healthcare Professionals, and our Comprehensive Language Neutral Program with Language Pack are designed to build a strong understanding of medical terminology and and of the ethical role, standards, techniques, and principles of accurate professional medical interpreting.

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We prepare interpreters to function as members of the healthcare team. Because we know healthcare, and we know interpreting. Meet the instructors and mentors of the Culture Advantage Team.

  • Convenient- you may log in at any time and any place you have a computer. No need to take time off from work or travel.
  • Flexible - totally self-paced. You may proceed as fast or as slow as you need to be. You are in control.
  • Effective  - you will practice what you learn as you go along.
  • Affordable - we have different payment plans to fit your budget.

What they say about our programs:

I have found the course format very usable and have greatly appreciated the significant investment that Marlene makes as the instructor--she is always prompt in replying to student questions and also in grading coursework. Thanks Marlene! Nathan, Graduate, English-Spanish Program

I enjoyed the medical terminology courses. I learned many new things while reading the lessons. Now I have a better understanding of things when I’m interpreting. When a physician is talking to a patient about their condition or illness, I, in the back of my mind have a better understanding of the cause or the symptoms. This, for some reason, helps me know if the patient fully understands the diagnosis or if they need further clarification. Rosa, Graduate, English-Spanish Program

I had a wonderful time taking this course, it took me longer than expected but here I am. I feel much more confident with what I am doing. Now I feel that the patient and provider will get the service they deserve from me. I am very HAPPY! Thank You!! Anna, Graduate, English-Spanish Program

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