English - Russian

Online Medical Interpreter Training Program


Taught by Healthcare Professionals and Professional Interpreters/CMIs

70-Hour Professional Medical Interpreter Certificate

Medical Section Part 1: Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology, Diagnostic Procedures, Medical Specialties in English and Russian. Assignments are submitted in English and Russian. Final Evaluation in English and Russian.

Interpreting Section Part 2: Principles of Medical Interpreting, Consecutive Interpreting, Standards of Practice, Code of Ethics, Roles of the Interpreter.

Medical Instructors/Mentors:

Marlene V. Obermeyer, MA, RN, Instructor
Tatiana Piccoli, MD-Russia
Svetlana Matveeva, LMT, Language Mentor
Iryna Potapenko, BA Physiotherapy, Language Mentor

Comments from graduates:

SANJAR BABADJANOV MD, certified orthopedic surgeon in Uzbekistan
Sanjar took the course due to the high demand for interpreters in New York and a chance to work in a familiar environment. He found the online format convenient for studying while preparing for the US MD exams.
Most interesting thing I learned from the course:
How the professional interpreter duty is complex in comparison with the bilingual person as interpreter.
What I enjoyed the most: All of them, especially practice via phone.
I would like to announce my appreciation to all staff I worked with and especially to the director of this course. Marlene, thank you for your patience. Tatiana, it was my pleasure to work with you. You are all professionals. Thank you for your job.

Hi! I'm Christina and I'm really happy to take part at this wonderful course.

I was born in Kazakhstan. I got my Bachelor degree in the Art of translation at a branch of American University in Almaty. Later I moved to Russia. I got my Master's degree in the art of Philology here this year. I also studied in Jerusalem, Israel. So, I know what the cultural diversity is!

Recently I've realized that my true passion is medicine and everything around it. I also understand that it's late to change my profession but I still can help patients and doctors by interpreting. I want to perfect my skills in this area. Working as a medical interpreter is my goal these days!

I have BA in the Art of Translation, but I received more specific training in Medical terminology in Russian and English at Culture Advantage. Each topic on medical terminology, body system and treatment was very interesting! What I enjoyed the most: Simultaneous interpreting with video being on and recording my consecutive interpreting of audios provided. (Christina completed the course while she was in Belgorod, Russia.)

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