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Accreditation: California State of Board of Nursing
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Instructor: Marlene V. Obermeyer, RN, MA
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We specialize in cultural and linguistic competency. With interactive, experiential
and lecture formats, our classes will develop basic awareness, knowledge and skills
in culturally competent care of clients from diverse backgrounds.

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Cultural Competency Workshop: Introductory Course (4-7 contact hours)

Goal: To facilitate the understanding of cultural competency in health care and 
develop awareness and basic skills in cultural competency.
Imperatives for cultural competency: demographic, legal, regulatory, economic,
Changes in demographics and health disparities.
Recognizing cultural diversity to include the GLBT communities and the disabled
Generalizations and Stereotypes
Cross cultural communication principles.
How culture affects health beliefs, values, behaviors, compliance, and patient 
Meeting the emotional and spiritual needs of culturally and linguistically diverse
Culturally competent assessment skills.
Patient safety, risk management and cultural competency.
Organizational assessment and planning for culturally competent services.

We can customize the program to meet your organizational needs. Please inquire 
about our group and corporate discounts.

Working with Interpreters: The Perils
4-6 Contact Hours
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One study has found an average of 31 translation mistakes per encounter with
How do you know if the interpreter is interpreting accurately?
How do you know if the interpreter complies with patient privacy and
How do you know if the patient has understood enough in order to be
able to adhere to the treatment plan?

Whether you are currently using telephonic interpreters, onsite face-to-face
interpreters, or bilingual employees to interpret, this course is for you.
Relying on an interpreter exclusively for your communication with a non-English
speaking patient could be costly and in some cases, deadly.

In this one day seminar, you will learn the facts and the skills of effectively 
communicating through interpreters.

By the end of this interactive program, the participant would be able to:

1.  Review the imperatives for language access and cultural competency.
2.  Explain the roles and expectations for medical interpreters in the healthcare
3.  Discuss the most common errors in interpretation and how to assess for and
address potential errors.
4.  Demonstrate effective communication techniques when working with an
interpreter during provider-patient interaction.

"No English": Working with Limited English Proficient (LEP) Clients
(4 contact hours)

Goals: To communicate more effectively with LEP clients.
At the completion of the program, the participant will be able to:

1. Understand the major cultural differences that impact communication.
2. Assess the needs of clients with limited English proficiency.
3. Discuss the communication differences between Hispanic and North American
4. Practice communicating with LEP clients through the use of interpreter services.

Culture Advantage Medical Interpreter Training (45 Contact Hours)
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A blended-training program (online and on-site) designed to meet the needs of full-
time professionals with flexibility. We bring the program to your location.
The program is intended for community interpreters with no prior formal training in
medical interpreting, for non-clinical employees who are called to interpret, or for
healthcare providers with bilingual skills.

Accelerated Basic Anatomy and Medical Terminology: 25 contact hours online.
Foundations of Medical Interpreting: 20 hours onsite to include interactive, hands-on
coaching and testing of skills.

Que pasa? Basic Spanish for Healthcare (6 Contact Hours)

Goal: To help healthcare workers communicate with Spanish-speaking clients.

What you will learn:

1. Basic Spanish vocabulary for the admission interview.
2. Spanish medical vocabulary for basic anatomy and common signs and 
3. Introduction to Spanish pronunciation and listening skills.
4. Simple Spanish conversational skills in the healthcare setting.

Specific skills:
Identify, pronounce, and use Spanish terminology for basic anatomy and for 
common signs and symptoms.
Use basic Spanish terminology in simple sentences.
Engage in practice conversation in Spanish.

Presentation: This is a highly interactive program. Attendees will participate in 
pronunciation exercises, role-plays, and practice listening and speaking skills in 

Other courses:
Intermediate and Advanced Spanish for Healthcare: 
Delivery Room, Emergency Department, Mother-Baby, Workers Comp, Diabetes Unit, etc.
4 Contact Hours
Prerequisite: Basic Spanish Program

Acculturation Program for International Nurses and Therapists

Cross-cultural training and acculturation support designed to:

    * Reduce anxiety and severity of culture shock and disconnect that new
      arrivals face.
    * Facilitate the incoming nurses’ adjustment to the organizational
      and social settings.
    * Provide coping strategies that prevent loss of personal and
      professional productivity during cultural transition.
    * Facilitate development of skills in cross-cultural communication,
      cultural conflict resolution, and negotiation.
    * Enable the new nurses to respond appropriately to cultural and
      linguistic needs of the diverse patients and co-workers.

From 2 day post arrival training to a 6-month Comprehensive Program to include 
cross-cultural training for the organization's staff.

Cross Cultural Skills for Nurses and Preceptors: 1-2 Day Program:
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Please note:
ALL of our online courses are available for Onsite Presentation.