English - Korean

Online Medical Interpreter Training Program


Taught by Healthcare Professionals and Professional Interpreters (CMIs)

70-Hour Professional Medical Interpreter Certificate

Medical Section Part 1: Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology, Diagnostic Procedures, Medical Specialties in English and Korean. Assignments are submitted in English and Korean. Final Evaluation in English and Korean.

Interpreting Section Part 2: Principles of Medical Interpreting, Consecutive Interpreting, Standards of Practice, Code of Ethics, Roles of the Interpreter

Medical Instructors/Mentors:
Marlene V. Obermeyer, MA, RN, Instructor
Joon Lee, MD, Medical Mentor
Professional Medical Interpreter Certificate - Culture Advantage
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Professional Curriculum

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Comments from our students and graduates:

Jee-Hyeon, received AHI credential from CCHI in 2011. Culture Advantage English-Korean Professional Program in 2013. 3-years experience interpreting in various industries over-the-phone. MA in Central Eurasian Studies (Indiana Univ. US). MA in East Central European Studies (HUFS Korea)
"Before I took the program, I didn't know many medical terms. Now I know that I learned a lot of medical terms as well as medical background in English and Korean. I enjoyed the consecutive interpreting practice sessions and learning medical terms in both languages the most."

My name is Yeon (Jennie), MA- Lib Sc . I am originally from South Korea and I studied Japanese in college so I have played a role of an "interpreter" for quite some time.
But I am very glad that I finally have a chance to prepare myself to become a professional interpreter. I do not have medical field background so "Part 1 English=Korean Medical Terminology" was very new to me, but I have definitely learned a lot and I enjoyed it very much. The standards and ethics for interpreters was most interesting. I have a full time job as an interpreter and two small children so online gave me the convenience of studying at home. I think this course has truly taught me alot to prepare myself to be a professional interpreter.