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Language-specific 60-Hour Healthcare Interpreter Program - Approved by the Oregon Health Authority.

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Advantages of the Culture Advantage Program

Program Description

The Culture Advantage Healthcare Interpreter Program is a comprehensive and intensive 60-Hour language-specific program that prepares the interpreter with the knowledge base and interpreting competencies to work professionally in acute care setting such as hospitals, outpatient diagnostic and ambulatory services, and in primary care and community healthcare settings. The program starts with the basic foundation of healthcare concepts and quickly progresses into intermediate level healthcare concepts. Live coaching in interpreting competencies is provided in addition to the theoretical knowledge base of interpreting concepts. The program is completed online asynchronously, with live over-the-phone practice sessions conducted by healthcare professionals who provide one-on-one feedback. You may complete the program within a 6 to 12-week time period. You will be learning a lot of material in a short period of time so be prepared to learn and enhance your skills in a supportive online environment.

The program is flexible, as progress is based on satisfactory performance in all activities. The participant may complete the learning activities at their own pace, including the exams and required live practice sessions by phone, within the 6 to 12 week time period. As long as the participant completes the requirements of each section, they may proceed to the next section. The program is language-specific, which means that the student will complete lessons in both languages and will be evaluated on medical knowledge and interpreting skills in both languages. Our instructors/mentors are healthcare professionals (physicans, nurses, therapists) and certified medical interpreters (CHI/CMIs). This is an instructor-guided online program with phone/Internet conference calls for practice and assessment. The student must meet the minimum language and education requirements and have computer and Internet skills to be able to complete the program successfully. Attendance and satisfactory participation in 100% of the required practice session conference calls are required. A candidate must be accepted into the program before enrollment. A student may request a one month extension (for an extra fee) if unable to complete the program within 12 weeks.

How to Get Started

Step 1: Complete the application and provide the information required. It is free to apply.
Step 2: Confirm your email by going to your email and clicking CONFIRM.
Step 3: You will receive the Information Packet by email with details about the program.
Step 4: Culture Advantage will review your application and will contact you to request documentation of education and other requirements as needed.
Step 5: Culture Advantage will contact you and advise you on which program option is recommended for your specific qualifications.
Step 6: Enroll in the recommended program.

The Information Packet includes program requirements, curriculum, fees, course format and other information. Please review the Information Packet and contact Culture Advantage with specific questions.

Upon successful completion of all program requirements including the Final Evaluation, the student will receive a 60-Hour Healthcare Interpreter Certificate.

Language-Specific Program

Successful completion of the following courses is required in order to receive the OHA-approved certificate:

  1. Core Curriculum (Medical Concepts in the Language Pair):
  2. Part 1: Comprehensive English Medical Concepts (Includes Anatomy and healthcare Terminology, Diseases, Treatments, Procedures, Specialties).
    Part 2: Comprehensive Medical Concepts in the non-English language.(Includes Anatomy and healthcare Terminology, Diseases, Treatments, Procedures, Specialties).
  3. Interpreting Curriculum:
  4. Part 3: Standards, Ethics, Role Boundaries, Consecutive Interpreting, Sight Translation, Simultaneous Interpreting, in both languages.
    Comprehensive Final Evaluation in both languages.


Option 1: Per Course Fee Option

Pay for one course at a time, consecutively, depending on satisfactory performance.

Part 1: $350.00. Discounted for Oregon interpreters: $250.00

4 weeks access.

Part 2: $350.00. Discounted for Oregon interpreters: $250.00

4 weeks access.

Part 3: $350.00. Discounted for Oregon interpreters: $250.00

4 weeks access.

The Comprehensive Final Evaluation (CFE) is $100.00 (if completing the program in 12 weeks) to be paid when reserving the CFE date.

For more information and to sign up: Per Course Option

Total for Oregon interpreters: $850.00 (Paid one course at a time.)

Option 2: Prepaid Option

12 Weeks Access

Prepay Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 in one payment: $600.00. The Comprehensive Final Evaluation is $100.00 (if completing the program in 12 weeks) to be paid when reserving the CFE date. Total: $700.00

For more information and to sign up. Prepaid 60-Hour Program

Organizational Discount

For organizations based in Oregon, please contact me for organizational discount. Please email or feel free to call 316-217-0198 so we can discuss your training needs.

Additional Fees may be required:

Extension fee, test retake fee, cancellation fee, no-show fee, extra coaching fee, private conference call fee.

Please contact me for discounted payment plans for minority languages (Languages for which there is no national certification.)

To make sure that you meet the requirements for the program, please complete the application.

Please complete the application and we will contact you soon.

Important Links:

Please read the following important links for additional information.

Training Schedule: Open Enrollment

Individual students may start at any time. Program is to be completed within 6-12 weeks. Student may request one month extension (extra fee) if unable to complete all requirements in 12 weeks. This is an online program and participants can access the materials at any time, with the addition of required live, over-the-phone or Internet practice sessions that are conducted by instructors for student practice and assessment of competencies. Each individual has their own Start Date and End Date within the 12-week time period. Organizations sponsoring a group of interpreters may request specific Start and End Dates.

Note: There may be special offers for programs with specific start and end dates, or programs shorter than 12 weeks, or longer than 12 weeks. However, the curriculum remains the same.

Program Format

Individual interpreters have access to the website at any time to complete online learning activities. Hands-on practical application and demonstration of competencies are conducted through live over-the-phone conference calls and over-the-Internet sessions which are conducted by the instructor/s. Active and satisfactory participation in 100% of the required practice sessions is part of the requirement for completion. In addition, one part of the Comprehensive Final Evaluation is live assessment of interpreting skills over-the-phone with two mentors. Please refer to the approved curriculum for details.

Textbook Requirement: Culture Advantage Proprietary Curriculum

The Culture Advantage Proprietary Curriculum includes lessons and presentations that are available once you receive access to your learning activities. You are also given links to credible sources of information for additional information, however, we expect that you focus and master the Culture Advantage Curriculum as it has been developed by healthcare professionals and healthcare interpreters with the goal of patient safety and quality of care. You may purchase the Culture Advantage Supplemental Worksheet for your convenience as you go through the lessons.

Curriculum: 60-Hour Curriculum

Policies: Link to current Policies, Terms and Conditions.