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6-Week Healthcare Interpreter Program - Approved by the Oregon Health Authority.

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This is a comprehensive and intensive 60-Hour Program that is completed online within a 6-Week time period. The program is language-specific, which means that the student will complete lessons in both languages and will be evaluated on medical knowledge and interpreting skills in both languages. Our instructors/mentors are healthcare professionals (physicans, nurses, therapists) and certified medical interpreters (CHI/CMIs). This is an instructor-guided online program with conference calls for practice and assessment. The student must meet the minimum language and education requirements and have computer and Internet skills to be able to complete the program successfully. Attendance and participation in at least 80% of weekly conference calls are required. A candidate must be accepted into the program before enrollment. A student may request a one month extension (for an extra fee) if unable to complete the program within 6 weeks.

Step 1: Complete the application and provide the information required. It is free to apply.
Step 2: Confirm your email by going to your email and clicking CONFIRM.
Step 3: You will receive the Information Packet by email with details about the program.
Step 4: Culture Advantage will review your application and will contact you to request documentation of education and other requirements as needed.
Step 5: Culture Advantage will contact you and advise you on which program option is recommended for your specific qualifications.
Step 6: Enroll in the recommended program.

The Information Packet includes program requirements, curriculum, fees, course format and other information. Please review the Information Packet and contact Culture Advantage with specific questions.

Upon successful completion of all program requirements including the Final Evaluation, the student will receive a 60-Hour Healthcare Interpreter Certificate.

The following fees apply to Oregon interpreters and for minority language interpreters (with previous approval).

Program Fee $750.00.
The Final Evaluation and Coaching Fee is $150.00 to be paid separately when you schedule the Final Evaluation, for a total of $900.00.

LINK for the Payment Page, click here. You must be accepted into the program before you can sign up.

If you would like to prepay the Final Evaluation fee, the total fee is $850.00. Please contact me for this option.
Additional Fees may be required: Extension fee, test retake fee, cancellation fee, no-show fee, extra coaching fee, private conference call fee may be required.
Please contact me for payment plans.
Please complete the application and we will contact you soon.

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