Congratulations to Culture Advantage Graduates who successfully passed national certification!

We're proud of you!

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We are currently updating this page with our newest nationally-certified graduates. Please check the Culture Advantage testimonials as well!


Our newest CHI! Mayra Adkins, CHI-Spanish from Ohio!

First CHI in Vietnamese from the Vietnamese program, Anne Tran, Core CHI, Vietnamese.

Sonja Berling Hodgson, CHI-Spanish

Jee Hyeon Youn, CMI-Korean*

Feiyang Tao, CMI-Mandarin

Julia Fitman, CMI-Russian*

Meejung Kang, CMI-Korean

Ting Yee, CMI, CHI-Mandarin

Arianna Sulkosky CMI-Spanish

Wei-tzing Mao, CMI-Mandarin

Shubing Liu,MD, CMI-Mandarin*

This is the list of graduates who have notified Culture Advantage of their successful examination results from 2010 to January 2015.

Olivia Han, MD, CMI-Mandarin
Zhao Sophia Qi, MD, MS, CMI-Mandarin, CHI-Mandarin*
Amy Mark, CMI-Spanish
Ana Maria Rodriguez, MD, CMI-Spanish*
Zion Yi Howard, CMI-Korean
Gieun Lorri, CMI-Korean*
Annette Vasquez, CMI-Spanish
Paddy Sullivan, CMI-Spanish
Lizbeth Mendoza, MD, CMI-Spanish*
Molly Forbes CMI-Spanish
Ana Margarita Perry CMI-Spanish
Michel Duran CMI-Spanish
Janel Nelson CMI-Spanish
Maria Veronica Armendariz CMI-Spanish
Anna Ficken CHI-Spanish
Kelsey Henriquez Spanish CMI-Spanish, CHI-Spanish*
Idilda E Ayala-Hernandez CMI-Spanish*
Rosa Bassett CMI-Spanish, CHI-Spanish*
Kamara Licea CMI-Spanish
Lisa Mannella CMI-Spanish*
Kelly Lyn Martinkus, MD, CMI-Spanish*
Yvette Nevares CMI-Spanish
Maria Cecilia Peterson CMI-Spanish
Molly Sanders CHI-Spanish
Barbara Jean Secrest CMI-Spanish
Emily Jo Steinkraus CMI-Spanish.
Usam Youssef, passed NBCMI written exam. (No NBCMI oral exam in Arabic.)
Shoreh Setayesh AHI-Farsi. Farsi Medical Interpreter Program

*Mentor/Instructor, Culture Advantage

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