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Online English-Spanish Medical Interpreter Program
Approved for Nurses Continuing Education. “Provider approved by the California Board of Registered Nursing, Provider # CEP 15854."

Culture Advantage Center for


We prepare interpreters to function as members of the healthcare team. Because we know healthcare. And we know interpreting. Meet the members of the Culture Advantage Team.


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I enjoyed watching the videos which helped me alot with my interpreting. I enjoyed calling in the assignments the least. Overall I loved the course, I know I did alot of reading but that is the way I learn, that is why it has taken me longer to finish the course. It is a great course that helped me personally better my skills and to better serve the patients and providers. Ana, Graduate, English-Spanish Program

Link to the Application Page:
Online Medical Interpreter Program Application

"Being able to take a good quality course from home is fantastic". - Vally from Alabama, first graduate of the English-Spanish Medical Terminology Course.

What you will learn:

Download our Professional Curriculum

What you will receive:

  • Convenient delivery of all lessons online at the eLearning Portal and by email.
  • 30 Hours of Intensive Online Medical Terminology training in both languages.
  • 20 Hours of Medical Interpreting Principles (Standards of Practice, Code of Ethics, Roles of the Interpreter)
  • 24-7 Access to our Online Spanish Language Pack, a compiled library of audio and written medical information that are actual materials used by medical providers for instruction and health information.
  • Extensive Online Spanish Medical Glossary.
  • Three hours of One-on-One mentoring in both languages by healthcare professionals.
  • One and one half hours of live, oral evaluation and coaching of your medical terminology knowledge, consecutive interpreting skills, and application of the Standards and Code of Ethics.
  • One hour of live, intensive Medical Terminology Drill facilitated by healthcare professionals (MD, RN, PT).
  • One hour of live practice session and coaching to prepare for the Final Exam.
  • Convenient 24-hour access to lessons, assignments and exams.
  • Certificate of Completion of the Professional Medical Interpreter program with English-Spanish Concentration
  • Two free continuing education courses after graduation.
  • Discounts to advanced courses and continuing education offerings, and educational products and services after graduation.
  • Benefits:

    • Flexible 3-month program. Finish early, or extend monthly after 3 months.
    • Self-paced (based on performance). Complete assignments and quizzes at your own pace. Submit assignments every 5-7days for the Regular Program or days 3-5for the Expedited Program.
    • Convenient 24/7 online access.
    • Three hours of personal one-on-one mentoring from healthcare professionals for medical terminology Part 1. Two hours of one-on-one mentoring from healthcare professionals and professional medical interpreters with CMI certificates for Part 2.
    • Low cost, flexible payment plans.
    • No travel, study from home.
    • Discounts to Advanced and Continuing Education Courses after graduation .

    Link to Current Fees. 

    Instructors and Mentors

    Taught by Healthcare Professionals and Professional Interpreters and CMIs

    Intensive Medical Section Part 1: Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology, Diagnostic Procedures, Medical Specialties in English and Spanish. Assignments are submitted in English and Spanish. Final Evaluation in English and Spanish.

    Interpreting Section Part 2: Principles of Medical Interpreting, Consecutive Interpreting, Standards of Practice, Code of Ethics, Roles of the Interpreter.

    Medical Instructors/Mentors:
    Marlene V. Obermeyer, MA, RN, Instructor
    Kelly Martinkus, MD-Intern, Senior Medical and Language Mentor
    Lury Fernandez, BSN, RN, Medical and Language Mentor
    Idil Hernandez., PT - Puerto Rico, Medical and Language Mentor
    Rafael Don Q. Montalvo, MD - Cuba, Medical and Language Mentor
    Ofelia Chacon, MD - Columbia, PhD - US, Medical and Language Mentor

    Interpreting Instructors/Mentors: Professional Medical Interpreters and CMIs
    Lisa Mannella., CMI
    Rosa Bassett., CMI
    Yvette Nevares., CMI
    Kelsey Henriquez, CHI

    Link to Current Fees.

    Start Dates:

    Enrollment is flexible and you may start at any time.
    Course Fees cover access to the lessons for 3 months, however, progressing through the course is based on performance. Course extensions after 3 months may be requested for a small fee.

    Program Prerequisites:

    1. Education:  Bachelor's degree in any field. Or combination of education and documented experience as a professional interpreter for at least 2 years.
    2. Language skills: College-level language proficiency in English and Spanish (oral and written)
    3. Basic Internet skills
    4. Internet access and computer microphone for recording audios.
    5. Telephone access

    Course Requirements to receive a certificate of completion:

    1. At least 90% average grade on all quizzes and exams. 90% passing grade for the Final Exam.
    2. Completion and passing grade in all oral and written assignments as required.
    3. Pass the oral skills exam or proctored exam.
    4. Pass the English Medical Terminology Pronunciation evaluation.

    Course Fees Link

    Completion Times:

    Part 1: English-Spanish Medical Terminology (30 Hours)
    Part 2: Medical Interpreting Principles (20 Hours)

    These are average completion times. Course progress depends on satisfactory performance on every assignment and every test, for every lesson starting on Lesson 1. Completion time varies depending on your baseline knowledge and language skill levels, Internet connection, Internet skills, time availability. We strive to provide personal service therefore enrollment is limited.

    Thank you! Please contact me with any questions. Please fill out the application form so we can send you more information.

    Link to the Application Page:
    Application: Medical Interpreter Program

    Please contact me directly for details. Thank you.

2012 Culture Advantage

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