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Screening and Placement Test

Are you an experienced interpreter and need to have an assessment of your language and interpreting skills? You may want to take the Screening and Placement Test to help you identify areas that you need to improve.

Are you new to the medical interpreting field and not sure of your language and medical proficiency? You may want to take the Screening and Placement Test to help you prepare for your new career. This will help you to decide what kind of training program would help you best.

Are you an employer and would like to test the medical terminology knowledge and interpreting skills of your bilingual employees? Contact us for a more comprehensive Screening Test for bilingual employees. Our Screening Tests are designed by healthcare professionals and the results are evaluated by healthcare professionals and/or professional medical interpreters.

For individuals who are applying to the Professional Medical Interpreter Program:
If you have an official Language Assessment that only tests English, you would still need to take the Screening Test.
Please visit the SCREENING and PLACEMENT EVALUATION PAGE for current information.


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