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Hello! Are you looking for an online Medical Interpreter Program but you are nervous about taking an online course?

My name is Marlene Obermeyer. Welcome to Culture Advantage. Let me teach you how to take a course over the Internet.

After you successfully pass this FREE COURSE, you will know if my online Medical Interpreter Program is the right program for you. So sign up for this Free Course now.

My online Medical Interpreter Program will teach you the background knowledge and skills to become a qualified Medical Interpreter. You will use the Internet as your classroom.
You won't need to take time off from work.
You won't need to travel to a training program.
And you may pay for one course at a time, or save money when you pay in advance.

Then obtain your Certificate of Completion in Medical Interpreting through the Internet. It is convenient. It costs less. And you can do it from your own home.

There is no risk for trying the Free Course. Simply sign up in the box and then register at the elearning portal as instructed. Soon, you will have the skills to take the online Medical Interpreter Program. I strongly recommend that you take the FREE course before you apply to the Online Medical Interpreter Program.


Program Description
Please click here to go to the Online Medical Interpreter Program Description for details. Or copy and paste the url in a new window of your browser.

To apply, click here.


A bilingual person is not a qualified medical interpreter if he/she has not received training in medical terminology and medical interpreting principles.

In this current economy, having credentials is very important in getting any kind of a job. Now is the best time to become a qualified medical interpreter. With all the changes in the healthcare system being put into place, there is a shortage of interpreters nationwide. More and more people are entering the field of medical interpreting. The people with credentials will get the job.     


About Marlene Obermeyer

Hello, my name is Marlene Obermeyer and I'm a nurse. Originally from the Philippine Islands, I have worked in the U.S. for almost thirty years. I have seen how having qualified interpreters is critical in the care of our patients who come from other cultures and speak different languages.

Because of my experience as an immigrant and as a professional, I decided to help other bilingual individuals like you obtain their credentials as medical interpreters. Many times, bilingual individuals are forced to interpret for families and friends without having the knowledge and the skills required of a professional interpreter. Now is the best time to invest in training that would qualify you to work side-by-side with medical professionals.

If you have ever thought of becoming a medical interpreter and could not afford or could not find the training that would work for you, please contact me. I'm here to help you in your goal of becoming a qualified medical interpreter.

Please contact me at director@culture-advantage.com.


Please click here to go to the Online Medical Interpreter Program Description.

Marlene Obermeyer is a member of the IMIA.

2010 Culture Advantage

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