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Online and Onsite Medical Interpreter Training for Bilingual Professionals

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What We Offer

Basic Training

If you want to learn the foundations of anatomy and medical terminology and basic interpreting skills, this program is for you. You will be learning medical concepts and interpreting skills in both working languages, step-by-step.

Since the program is online, you may spend as many hours per day as needed to master the concepts.

If you speak a minority language, you may take the language-neutral option. Minority languages are languages that are not available for national certification.

This program prepares individuals to work in general medical setting and community health settings.

Professional Training

If your goal is to become a professionally-trained medical interpreter, you should enroll in the Professional-level Program. This program prepares qualified individuals with the domain-specific knowledge base and professional interpreting skills. This program prepares individuals to work professionally in acute care (hospitals), outpatient diagnostic and surgical services, primary care and community healthcare.

The program includes a comprehensive final evaluation with simulation of the national certification exams that has been very successful at preparing our graduates for national certification.

Expedited/Fast Track

If you are a certified translator, or have a bachelors/masters degree in translation/interpretation, the Expedited option is for you. You will go straight into the Professional Interpreting Skills section. You would be able to showcase your expertise by submitting a translation/interpretation project at a professional level in lieu of the Core Curriculum. The program is flexible in that you may finish in two weeks or up to 4 weeks.

This is also an option for Healthcare Professionals (HCP) MD, DO, DC, DS, PA, ARNP, RN, LPN, PT, RT, and other healthcare professionals. Please contact me before signing up if you are an HCP.


We recommend that certified interpreters or experienced interpreters participate in professional development activities annually to maintain their skills. We offer at least 30 hours of continuing education for interpreters. They are brief, self-paced online courses from 2 to 3 hours each. You may also participate in performance-based CEUs by attending live online sessions. The courses are informative, convenient, and you can download your CEU certificate right away.

Registered nurses receive continuing education credits up to 30 CNE hours for the language-specific programs. This is the only interpreter program approved for nurses CEUs.

Program Plans

If you are enrolled in an individual program, you start on the same day. If you are enrolled in a special group plan, you will be informed of the start date of your group.

Please take a few minutes to review the curriculum for what you will be learning. Then choose a Program Plan that fits your needs. Please feel free to contact me if you need help deciding on the appropriate program. Would be glad to speak with you!

  • Basic Training
  • Delivery Online
  • Recommended for Beginner Interpreters
  • 40-Hour Certificate
  • Part 1 Basic AMT - English
  • Part 2 Basic AMT - Other Language
  • Part 3 Basic MIS Both Languages
  • Final Exam Both Languages*
  • 6-9 Weeks
  • Language-specific 2 Languages
  • Language-neutral* Available
  • Live Practice Sessions By phone/Internet
  • One-on-one Feedback Yes
  • Organization/Group Discount Available
  • Preparation for National Certification No
  • CEU discounts Yes.
  • Extension: After 10 Weeks $90.00
  • Installment Plan Available $90.00 per week
  • $495.00 - $595.00*

    Plus $50.00 Basic Final Exam

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  • Professional Training
  • Delivery Online
  • Beginner and Experienced Interpreters
  • 60-Hour Certificate
  • Comprehensive AMT English
  • Comprehensive AMT Other Language
  • Professional MIS Both Languages
  • Comprehensive Both Languages
  • 9-12 Weeks
  • Language-specific 2 Languages
  • Language-neutral No
  • Live Practice Sessions By phone/Internet
  • One-on-one Feedback Yes
  • Organization/Group Discount Available
  • Yes. Included.
  • Free 10 hours (.1CEUs) + discounts. Yes.
  • Extension: After 13 Weeks $90.00
  • Available $100.00 per week
  • $795.00

    Plus $150.00 Comprehensive Final Evaluation

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  • Expedited/Fast Track
  • Delivery Online
  • Certified Translators, HCPs
  • 40-60 Hour** Certificate
  • (Professional Project)
  • (Professional Project)
  • Professional Level
  • Professional Level
  • 2-6 Weeks
  • 2 Languages
  • Available
  • Live Practice Sessions By phone/Internet
  • One-on-one Feedback Yes
  • Organization/Group Discount Available
  • Not included. ($150.00 Fee.)
  • CEU discounts Yes.
  • Extension: After 7 Weeks $90.00
  • Available $100.00 per week
  • $400.00 Prepaid

    Plus $50.00-$100.00 Final Exam**

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