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Private Interpreter Skills Coaching with an MD/CMI

Consider Private Interpreter Skills Coaching for the following:

Preparing for job interview for a medical interpreting position.
Preparing for the oral exam of the national certification.
Assessment of your knowledge and skills as a medical interpreter.

Individualized Coaching Sessions with MD, CMI-Spanish

Do you have an upcoming interview for a medical interpreting position?

If you do, you likely know that part of the interview process will involve some sort of test that looks at your interpreting skills and knowledge of medical terminology. Most employers want to be sure that you have a solid medical vocabulary in your language pair and have the ability to interpret from one language to another in a healthcare setting.

Are you preparing for the oral exam portion of the national certification exams (CMI or CHI)?

Receive feedback and guidance from a medical doctor who has received CMI certification so you can be confident that you are well-prepared for the oral exam.

Are you an experienced interpreter or translator and want to make sure that your skills meet the current medical interpreting standards?

Invest in quality coaching and practice sessions and receive feedback from a medical professional who has completed a comprehensive medical interpreter training and has taught interpreting students from all over the world.

Culture Advantage offers one on one coaching sessions with an MD, CMI to help you prepare for professional exams or screening tests potential employers may give. These sessions can be tailored to suit your needs.

Coaching Format

The purpose of these sessions is to quickly review medical terms and vocabulary in both English and Spanish and have live feedback for interpretations rendered. Typically, a thorough review requires 2-3 hours of coaching for an interpreter with a solid language skills and high-quality, language-specific medical interpreter training, such as the Culture Advantage Medical Interpreter Training Program.

Hour 1: Medical Vocabulary and Terms in English and Spanish
Hour 2: Additional Medical Vocabulary and Terms in English and Spanish -OR- Consecutive Intperpreting Practice
Hour 3: Consecutive Interpreting Practice.
We recognize that not all students are in need of a thorough review.
Because sessions are individualized, a student may request the specific parts of the review they feel will best suit their needs.
Similarly, we can expand any part of the course or even tailor the review to fit a specific specialty area of medicine.


Dra. Kelly Lyn Martinkus, MD, CMI-Spanish
Culture Advantage
Manager of Program Development-Medical Division Member: IMIA
VoiceBox Dial-in Number: (641) 715-3900 Ext. 586739#

Are you interested? Send us a message and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Or you may sign up on this page. After you sign up, you will receive instructions on how to proceed and we will be contacting you personally. Thank you! We look forward to helping you in your professional development.

Private Interpreter Skills Coaching is also available in other languages: Arabic, Chinese Mandarin, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, and Vietnamese. Contact for more information.