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Please take a few minutes to review the options for the program plan that would meet your professional goals. Feel free to contact me with any questions so I can assist you personally.
Starting 2016, the standard for a medical interpreter training program is a minimum of 60-Hours of training. Source: CMIE.

However, the 40-Hour Program is still available in English-Spanish this year.

Please review our professional curriculum for a description of the programs and courses. Culture Advantage Curriculum

Please complete the Application Form for a free evaluation of your credentials. After you submit your application, you will receive the Information Packet by email and the evaluation within 5-7 days. Feel free to follow up by email if you have any questions.

Spanish Novice Interpreter or Experienced Interpreter Basic 40-Hour Certificate 12 Weeks LINK
All languages Novice Interpreter Basic 60-Hour Certificate 9-12 Weeks LINK
All Languages Experienced Interpreter Professional Program 60-Hour Certificate 6-9 Weeks LINK
All Languages Experienced Interpreter Professional Program 70-Hour Certificate 9-12 Weeks LINK
All Languages Physicians, nurses 60-Hour Certificate for Healthcare Professionals Flexible  

Current Fees: We're currently restructuring our payment plans. Please contact Marlene for the current fees. We offer group rates for organizations.

*Our programs are language-specific, which means that you take courses in both languages and you are tested in both languages.

We currently offer the following programs:

  1. English-Arabic
  2. English-Chinese Cantonese
  3. English-Chinese Mandarin
  4. English-Japanese
  5. English-Korean
  6. English-Portuguese
  7. English-Russian
  8. English-Spanish
  9. English-Tagalog
  10. English-Vietnamese

(Please contact me regarding English-Farsi, English-Nepali, English Haitian Creole and other languages. These are part of the Minority Languages program offerings and may be available on occasion.)

**We offer an Expedited Program for experienced/advanced interpreters or for healthcare professionals (MD, DO, PA, RN, LPN, PT, RT, DDS) who meet the requirements. Please contact me for details.

We offer options longer than 12 weeks. We also offer options for more than 70-Hour Programs. Please contact me for details.


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